Kevin Moreau

handmade locks, keys, and small works in iron

exploring the possibilities of mechanical whimsy and the tactile delight of handmade metal objects



Padlocks, gate locks, and others are individually hand made, drawing from traditional designs.


Keys are made for work and to enjoy as collectible objects.


Boxes celebrate mechanical details, whether they're rustic or showy.

forty years of art in metal

Kevin Moreau has worked in metal and wood throughout his career and is noted for fine iron locks, keys, boxes, and related small objects. His work is housed in private collections and historical museums in North America and Europe. He also makes objects as keepsakes for individuals who share his love for the “graceful and often whimsical” work of the anonymous tradespeople of history. He maintains a forge in the historic Estey Organ complex in Brattleboro, Vermont.