2024 #1 A larger coffer

A locking coffer in the style of the “Nuremburg Strongboxes” of the 16th and 17th century. While it is not a replica of any particular piece, it has all the salient characteristics of the type – keyhole hidden under the false center hinge, and a lock in the lid with four independent bolts. On this […]

2023 #5

Here we see some photos of a little trefoil padlock, with laminated “(Damascus”) steel shackle, and a trick-opening keyhole cover. It was finished on Bastille day but went back to the spa for extra tender loving care before finding a home.

Terryville Lock

It was a pleasure, as always, to attend the Terryville Lock Show in October 2022 and visit the Lock Museum of America. I made and sold this triangle lock and key, and I came home with some interesting pieces for my study collection.

Pierced Padlocks

Process photos from two small pierced-bodied padlocks I was working on this past spring

’23 Triangle No. 2

Another triangular lock, also inspired by a lock I bought at the 2022 Terryville lock show.